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Anthony Bloor is the author of three novels and a scholarly study of fiction writing. As the artist filmmaker known as Tony Bloor, he produced a number of films in the 1970s / 1980s which were shown at art centres and film festivals in the UK and abroad. He currently works as a freelance editor, copywriter and web developer.

Memo is his personal account of “things parsed.” Computers, programming, film and performance, AI and algorithms, research and bereavement, walking and the muse, writing and frostbite, publishing and publishers – it's all here, in a narrative spanning 32 years and sewn together by eight snapshots. And as if confirming the view that history moves in cycles, here is the latest news:

Latest News…

A Celtic Journey (1985) by Tony Bloor, scheduled for digitisation under the BFI's ‘Unlocking Film Heritage’ programme, 2017.

Developing Pictures (1982) by Tony Bloor, screened as part of the London Short Film Festival, 2016.

Note: Developing Pictures is available for hire from LUX, an international agency for the promotion and distribution of artists' film and video. Other films by Tony Bloor are held by the National Film Archive.


The End of the Road, flash fiction by Anthony Bloor, published by Litro Magazine, May 2017.

Blini, flash fiction by Anthony Bloor, published by Spelk Fiction, February 2017.

Contributor to ‘Overheard’ at the inaugural Shrewsbury Festival of Literature, November 2016.

Other People, a short story by Anthony Bloor, published by Sick Lit Magazine, October 2016.

Shrewsbury Flash Fiction

In 2015, Anthony Bloor became involved with the Shrewsbury Flash Fiction group, which met sporadically to chat informally about literary matters and, primarily, to encourage writing and an appreciation of the shorter forms of fiction. The meetings were coordinated by Peter Shilston, who continues to manage the group's website. A number of stories were written in response to prompts from members of the group, and were subsequently posted on the group's website. The prompts were:

1. Write a story about somebody who's lost something. AB's response: Lost.

2. Write a story that begins with this sentence: “As I write this page, it is six days since I saw the sun.” And ends with this one: “They were still there when the collectors came.” AB's response: Piss Pots.

3. Write a funny story. AB's response: Marty.

4. Imagine that aliens have landed on the Earth at some point in the future and are carrying out an archaeological excavation. AB's response: Message in a Bottle.

5. Write a story about war. AB's response: War Stories.

Memo – Eight Pictures

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Punch Card - 1976

Courtyard Loops - 1978

Giraldus - 1982

LUTCHI - 1990

Corvedale - 1996

Cambrians - 1998

Publication - 2003

Pig - 2008